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"The story inside of these following pages is one of serious guts. Humour and humility, trauma and joy. Sometimes, it's bloody confronting. Hard to read. But the challenging nature of this family story isn't around hardships associated with parenting neurodivergent children or neurodivergence itself.
It's around self-exploration and self-discovery away from the confines, limitations and restrictions of social and cultural constructs geared toward neuro-normative standards. The ones that we, autistic people are often challenged by because we think differently, we feel differently and we need to LIVE differently in order to thrive. This story tells the truth."
- KRISTY FORBES, Autism & Neurodiversity Support inTune Pathways

about the book


This book isn’t all about Autism, it's a memoir that’s been written to show you what is possible when a mother no longer sees autism as a medical disorder.

As you read these pages, however, and whenever you can fit it in, you’ll see how Zoe led her family through the chaos, confusion, and disconnection that plays out pre and post-diagnosis, to what she would now call – their never ending journey of making peace with what is as they uncover their own unique truth and freedom.

Raw, real, open and honest, her truth bombs will fill your heart with hope and comfort, but above all, give you permission to forgive yourself for desperately trying to fix things.

Making Peace with Autism is a love story of radical acceptance and how we all, as we are now, have a right to exist. It will open you up even more to releasing the shame, guilt and grief of feeling like you are a bad parent. It offers a gentle path forward to what really matters – connection. It is your turn to lead your neurodivergent child from your courageous heart, in a way that needs only to make sense to you.

I know what it is like to fall into bed at the end of the day, cry yourself to sleep praying that tomorrow is a better day. I know what it is like to just want one day to yourself or just one hour of peace and quiet. I know what it is like to want to run away from it all. Forever.”  

about the author

Zoe Martin

Zoe Martin is the proud mother of two children and married to an exceptional man. Her family are all autistic and have PDA profiles. Zoe and her children are also diagnosed with ADHD. She openly shares her insights, knowledge and lived experience as a neurodivergent woman/wife/mother/business owner.

You will find Zoe in her genius coaching and mentoring parents across the world who have been gifted with autistic and neurodivergent children. She offers both private and group coaching. The Future of Mothers leading autistic and neurodivergent children is now, and Zoe has opened Sovereign Mother's Circle for those mothers who are answering the call to be part of this Future.

Zoe brings her heart, courage and extraordinary life experiences together with an extensive range of modalities grounded in both science and energetic frequency (the seen and unseen) to bring her clients outcomes they didn’t think were possible. Her love of learning sees her hold certifications in coaching (Optimize Coach), epigenetics (ph360 Health Coach & ph360 Parenting Facilitator), communication (Parent Talk System), fitness (certificate 3 & 4), creating brilliant futures (Futurist) and meditation teacher. She is currently Australia’s only Transcendental Rebirth facilitator. She loves collaborating with her neurokin and speaking at conferences, workshops and webinars.